Why you should sell old Cisco kit UK when they are Not in Use?

Sell Old Cisco Kit in the UK

While buying new is certainly an option, but selling old Cisco kit can save you some serious money. This doesn’t just apply to designer clothing when you want to sell old Cisco kit UK. It can apply to that expensive networking equipment you have your eye on too.

Are you on the hunt for some new Cisco kit products? That’s great! But what will you do with your old Cisco kit? That’s really a question to think of. Now if you have a tight budget to keep in mind and then what are your options? Your option can be one. Let’s discuss that.

First thing first, let’s take a step back to few years when you bought new Cisco kit for your office set up. You had new company and you needed new equipment. Now, you are going to upgrade your office or networking site, and the money you had invested buying all those Cisco equipment will become obsolete. In this situation, you are not only wasting your money, but also wasting your energy, time and space.

Sell Old Cisco Kit in the UK

Pros: Selling old Cisco kit before buying new Cisco products help you save your cash

It is a trusted brand no doubt, new Cisco products are not exactly known for their low price. If you have a particularly limited IT budget to work with, or you just want to save as much money as possible, then sell old Cisco kit UK immediately and get your cash instantly. Yes, it is a great solution.

You can save your organization up to 90% off list prices—and still get high-quality technology you can rely on. The used hardware market is huge and commonly referred to as the secondary market place that can provide you significant savings on hardware expenditures.

Pro: Cut down your cost for new network upgrade

What if your IT Company is at that in-between stage where you are ready for some new equipment, but not ready for a full-on upgrade? Buying new Cisco products after selling used or old Cisco kit UK can help you hold off on an upgrade until you’ve gotten the most out of your existing network.

If you were to upgrade every three years, you will undoubtedly be left with Cisco products that have not truly reached the end of their useful life. This means you will be upgrading when you still have valuable networking gear and you will lower your return on investment by turning over that equipment too soon.

Selling used technology at your pace saves you money in the long run as you can replace failing machines sans doing a full upgrade as well as maximize the returns on your initial IT investment. That is the way you can manage the cost, space and full life cycle of your Cisco products wisely.

Selling old Cisco kit UK for replacing of your network site doesn’t need to follow a timed schedule. Your upgrade should follow a consistent policy set by your IT department and not by the vendor.

Pro: Help your environment

Last, but certainly not least, when you sell old Cisco kit UK, you not only allows you to have quality equipment at a fraction of the cost, it also keeps perfectly functional products out of landfills longer. This reduces landfill waste and the direct impact your business has on the environment.

In an age where the focus on “going green” is stronger than ever, promoting environmentally friendly practices will also help maintain or improve your organization’s reputation with customers. Now selling used or old Cisco or other IT kit is easy at Sell Cisco.

At Sell Cisco we utilise over 30 years of experience in the IT telecommunications and Networking sector to bring you an industry leading service and maximize your potential. Feel free to contact us anytime via phone, email or Whatsapp! We are here to help you!

Why you should sell old Cisco kit UK when they are Not in Use?

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