The entire process to sell Dell EMC Servers New & Used UK EU takes 1 to 2 days

Free up your business space in selling the refurbished IT assets to SellCisco

For any data centers or machine rooms, premium quality servers are simply indispensable, wherein with future-ready technology and optimal performance such systems help to synchronize the overall business functionalities of the organizations.

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However, the issues begin, when such server equipment is old and unused, being scrapped away as e-wastes in storage rooms, and thrown away as landfills. In both circumstances, the dilemmas revolve around keeping dozens of rack-mounted servers and depleting their performance and price, while eventually degrading the surrounding ecosystem. Such situations can be averted by deciding to sell Dell EMC Servers New & Used UK EU to any authentic enterprises such as,, and acquire a fair estimation price.

Through what distinct Procedure the Used or New Servers can be sold To Sellcisco.Co.Uk?

Email Your Server Inventory List

At first, the customers desiring to sell their new or used server equipment can email their specific inventory list of servers, the associated part codes, and a serial number of such servers, along with the distinctive model name of such Dell EMC servers. Herein, our highly experienced hardware technicians start the asset identification procedures, wherein they check out the particular model numbers of the Dell servers.

Besides, they inspect the specific configurations of such used servers, like, CPUs, RAM, GPUs, and Drives. Again, the engineers at Sellcisco.Co.Uk also track the date of procurement and the performance of the server equipment, along with verifying the Dell service tags. They also justify the image of the server model sent, apart from the location where it is currently positioned. Now, the clients can send us their server details by filling up the contact form on our site, other than emailing us.

Obtain a Server Reclamation Quote

On the second stage comes the asset evaluation procedure, wherein our technicians determine the operability condition of the Dell EMC server, and correspondingly justify the optimal valuation for the used server based on the existing market worth of such IT equipment. Besides, the engineers also verify the other logistics details and supplementary deliverables like server drives. Again, they also check in with the data security policies requirements and server-related compliance issues. Contemplating all these, our adept technicians revert to interested customers with an in-depth report of the server to be sold, and the fair valuation quote within a maximum of 24 to 48 business hours.

Find Cost-Free Courier Collection

As soon as the client agrees with the estimation value of the used server, we make fast-tracked preparations for the asset acquisition process. In this method, we offer to pick up the refurbished Dell EMC servers right from the doorstep of the customers through our reliable courier services at no cost.

Get Your Account Credited

Eventually, when the offer is accepted by the clients and the Dell EMC server is reclaimed from the customer’s residence by the technicians of Sellcisco.Co.Uk, payment is released instantly and credited to the bank account of the clients as per the decided valuation price of the server equipment.

Herein, the complete attainment procedures of Dell server equipment take only 1 to 2 days, wherein the valuation price of the same is valid till the next 1 month from the final estimation report date mailed to the clients.

What are some Mileages gained by Selling Refurbished Dell EMC Servers?

Considering selling Dell EMC servers can prove to be an optimally cost-effective proposition for the clients, as such IT equipages offer enhanced reliability without the high costs of emerging technologies. Such Dell EMC server equipment such as the Dell EMC PowerEdge Blade and Tower servers comes with a remarkable commitment to leading-edge technologies while mitigating space and energy consumption.

Such servers are designed to perform multiple functions that are not possible with any standard PC. Herein, the Tower servers are modeled for operational efficiency, helping to enhance the businesses with reduced costs. Besides, these Dell PowerEdge Towers are highly powerful, efficient, and flexible in their attributes and ideal for large data centers and remote office locations requiring higher audio/visual needs.

Final Verdict

Being cognizant of the prime facets and premiums presented by in offering the optimal estimation prices for the refurbished servers, it will be rational to sell Dell EMC Servers New & Used UK EU to save on time, money, and ventures.



The entire process to sell Dell EMC Servers New & Used UK EU takes 1 to 2 days

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