The 3 key steps to sell IT assets to the Buyers of new and used juniper firewalls equipment kit

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Selling used and surplus firewall equipment can no doubt be an arduous process for individual entrepreneurs, computer geeks, and also IT concerns, mostly owing to multiple deceitful sellers. The techies should sell their pre-owned and redundant IT hardware of firewalls, before it gets compromised in performance, and starts depreciating in worth. In this context, the sellers need to opt for a reliable buyer, providing the perfect and unbiased valuation for such surplus IT firewall hardware. One such authentic site is SellCisco, the leading Buyers of new and used juniper firewalls equipment kit that delivers fair market value for procuring all pre-owned and surplus firewall security systems having Eco-labels.

Let’s unearth the distinct steps of the selling process of Juniper firewall IT equipment:

  1. Determine the Reliability of IT Firewall Hardware 

For selling the pre-owned and surplus Juniper firewall equipment, one needs to email the all-inclusive details of such IT hardware to the certified engineering team at SellCisco. In the process, they should specify the particular serial number and part code of the Juniper firewall model set aside to be sold. On receipt of the email or phone call from the clients, the hardware team commences with the classification process for such IT assets.

In this context, the experienced hardware technicians evaluate the existing operational worth of the firewall equipment. They will also check on the service-based labels and also the original purchase date of such IT firewall hardware to assess the optimal valuation price.

  1. Analyze the Juniper Firewalls to Obtain the FMV 

In the next stage, the engineers validate the prevailing functional condition of the used or redundant firewall equipment. It is to be noted that the estimation of such Juniper firewalls is mainly determined by the operational worth of in-built security processors, the extent of versatility, and the low level of latency.

Authenticating these distinct facets, the hardware engineers get backs to the business or individual sellers, including the fair valuation rate within 1 to 2 business days. Thus, this fair market value (FMV) is ascertained on the prevailing open market value (OMV) of the Juniper firewall IT hardware. Moreover, this fair market price will stay functional for the forthcoming 1 month from the date of sending the report to the sellers by the hardware engineers of SellCisco.

  1. Deliver Instant Doorstep Pick-Up of IT Firewalls with Prompt Bank Credit 

Subsequently, when the clients agree to the fair valuation price and deliver their authorization to sell the specific Juniper firewall equipment, the sales personnel at SellCisco commences with the IT asset retrieval procedure. In this context, they hire a trustworthy courier service agency to collect the firewall hardware right from the premises of the business or individual seller at no cost.

The 3 key steps to sell IT assets to the Buyers of new and used juniper firewalls equipment kit

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