Advantages of Purchasing Your Tech Equipment

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The next time your business needs new computers like Dell, you need to first sort out whether you should buy or lease networking equipment or other technology. This article will expose you to the major benefits of buying IT equipment from us.

The Advantages of Buying

As soon as the transaction is completed purchasing enables you to own the equipment. Over the lifespan of the equipment, your company amortizes the cost. It is very much possible to get financing for more than the purchase price. For example, there are some companies that provide up to 100% financing for the cost of the purchase and they even offer additional financing to cover the cost of installation, training, and transportation.

Compared to leasing it is very much easier. Purchasing Dell IT equipment is quite easy as you just have to decide what you need, then go out and buy it. However, taking out a lease includes at least some paperwork, as leasing companies are often asking for detailed, updated financial information. They may even enquire about how and where the leased equipment will be used. Also, lease terms can be very much complicated to negotiate. And, you may end up paying more than you should or receiving unfavorable terms in case you don’t negotiate properly.

Regarding maintenance, you call the shots. According to the leasing company’s specifications, equipment leases often require you to maintain equipment, and that can get expensive. You determine the maintenance schedule yourself when you buy the equipment outright.

Your equipment is very much deductible. You can only deduct the monthly payment with most leases favored by small businesses called operating leases.

Shopping around for suppliers

To a wide range of specialized equipment companies, the Internet gives you access, so you just have to take the time to browse. Always have a check on newsletters targeting specific industries, and attend trade shows where you can avail few hands-on times with equipment.

In your supplier decision don’t let price alone guide you. You need to consider aspects such as post-sales service and a supplier’s reputation, and get references. You can ask for better warranties for Dell or an extended customer service plan if you’re a loyal customer to us.

Advantages of Purchasing Your Tech Equipment

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